Marketing Reborn


The world has changed – wildly.

But that’s old news. It always does.

It’s how we deal with change that matters.

The deal is this.

In a world where broadcast has been replaced by a billion broadcasters; where people’s choices are infinite; where social feeds are endless and outrageously entertaining – 

attention is the only currency.

Trying to be successful in this environment by doing the same old, is not just wrong.
It’s the biggest risk you can take.

The power has shifted to the audience, and they are picky. Here, you give some to get some. Or to put it in industry terms, marketing itself has become a value exchange with the audience setting the price.

If you want people’s attention, you must earn it.

KIDS is founded on this principle.


Sometimes to create something new, you must destroy the old.

The traditional brief was already broken. We’ve replaced it with a simple, proven process that has generated superior work and results 500+ times over the last 10 years. It starts with a genuine, deep curiosity for you and your business.

We’ll be dead honest and ask hard questions. Only through real trust and mutual understanding will we build your next success.


The brightest and boldest ideas are born when passion is shared. We work with you, not for you and consider you a central part of our team. 

The best creative work is not done in isolation. On the contrary. Unique ideas come with unique criteria for success. We collaborate openly with our local and international network to bring the most potent team of creatives and creators for each project.

Need to break into a new market? We have close partners in the US, UK and the Middle East.


Our work is defined by a simple principle. That a great idea offers more than it’s commercial message. It enriches its audience and their world. It adds rather than distract. It delights, surprises, mesmerizes and makes people wonder.

We believe, that if you want attention, you must earn it. To earn it you must be interesting. Whatever it takes, whatever the method, our goal is to make your brand so interesting that it’s unignorable.

You can’t fake interesting.


We say play, because when collaboration is done the right way, that’s how it feels. Our process is purposefully simple and hassle free, so you can focus on our creative output. We speak Finnish and English and take video calls on all major platforms. Say hi.
Need a bigger package, including identity and place-making?
We partner with our sister agency BOND.
Feel like shaking things up? We are always looking for great talent, both fixed and freelance. Shoot us a line.